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Beef, Mutton, Lamb

Balliefurth Farm

Nethy Bridge

Our tasty, tender beef, mutton and lamb is derived from traditional beef cattle and sheep born, bred, and reared naturally on the grass pastures at Balliefurth Farm.

Our commitment to the environment is at the heart of all that we do enhancing the habitats and species which occur through sensitive farm working practices.

On the hoof our animals enjoy an outdoor life free from stress, this is important to us at every step in the production of your beef. The carcasses are hung to mature and tenderise the beef which is processed and sold all within a 4 - 12 mile radius of the farm.

Our whole farm carbon footprint has been independently assessed and the results came out neutral.

Balliefurth Farm

Available From

Available at Cairngorms Farmers Markets, from the farm or delivered to you door by mail order.

Delivery UK wide.

Quality Meat Scotland – Farm Assured

Cairngorms Park Ambassador Brand

LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming) Demonstration Farmer


Patrick and Abby Harrison

Balliefurth Farm

Grantown on Spey

PH26 3NH


Patrick: 07766 208915

Alastair: 07767 617544


Cairngorms Farmers Market