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Devenick Dairy


Here at The Devenick Dairy we produce a special range of beautiful hand-made cheeses.

We use a mixture of our own Friesian & Jersey cows milk which gives us a higher butterfat level so our product has a richer taste. All year round there is a subtle change in the taste of the cheese. This can depend on the quality of the grass swards, the weather or the stage the cows are at in their lactation.

Richard is our head cheese maker on the farm and he uses traditional recipes and methods to create the different characteristics and flavours for each cheese. We keep things simple and try not to mess around with nature, using traditional cultures with all our cheeses. Our family are very passionate about good cheese and want you to enjoy eating it as much we enjoy making it.

Devenick Dairy

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Devenick Dairy
Bishopston Farm,
AB12 4RS


01224 782476


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